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Zoom Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

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Rose quartz is one of the most beautifying healing stones. it helps to ease tension + stress in the body, soothes anxiety, and increases self-love, which is essential when it comes to clear, smooth skin.

Made from hand-carved rose quartz, this gorgeous double roller works to stimulate lymph drainage while massaging the skin and underlying muscles of your face, neck and eye area.

A perfect way to supplement your daily skin care ritual, not only does the texture of the stone feel infinitely soothing, but the rolling motion boosts elimination of accumulated toxins, ‘lifts’ your face and neck and helps to bring relief from stubborn tension headaches. use daily from forehead to décolleté and you’ll soon see a difference in the texture, tone and clarity of your complexion. with regular use, your fine lines are plumped, dark circles diminishes, and you’ll notice a reduction in persistent wrinkles . store in the fridge to enhance the relaxing and tightening benefits.

How To Use

Gently roll the smaller roller clockwise, 3 times around the eye socket, from the lower, inner edge towards the tear duct rocking it gently as you go.

Next, place the roller vertically into the inner corner of the eye, using gentle rocking motion, press lightly to encourage lymph drainage in the eye zone, ease blocked sinuses and reduce puffiness.

With the larger end roll in broad ‘sweeps’, always working away from the nose area, roll across the forehead, cheeks, throat and décolleté area.

Care Instructions

Do not rinse in water, wipe clean with dry cloth
Do not use water based products when rolling
Store in a dry place away from water and steam

Hand-carved rose quartz - brass


Each Stone Roller has a unique pattern due to natural variations of color in the stone.

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